Solar Service & Maintenance

Solar Servicing & Maintenance

EOC Energy's Solar System Care & Maintenance Services

In today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, solar power systems have become an indispensable asset for both residential and commercial properties. 

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to maximise your energy savings or a business aiming for sustainability, regular upkeep of your solar system is crucial. 

That’s where EOC Energy’s Solar Service and Maintenance program steps in.

Across Melbourne, We've Got You Covered

We provide a wide range of services for residential and commercial customers across multiple locations. Our certified team can assist you no matter where you are, offering everything from routine cleaning to emergency repairs.

Our program prevents issues from escalating, saving you costs and optimising your solar system. With EOC Energy, you invest in a long-term partnership to sustain your system’s health and efficiency, whether it’s in residential or commercial use.

Why EOC Energy is Your Go-To for Solar Service and Maintenance

Expertise You Can Trust

Our team includes licensed and CEC certified electricians and solar technicians with years of experience. We focus on both problem-solving and prevention.

Quality Guaranteed

We adhere to the highest Australian Electrical Safety Standards, using only top-grade equipment and parts to ensure your system's longevity and safety.

All-in-One Service

From system diagnostics to warranty support, our in-house team can handle every aspect of your solar system's health, saving you time and stress.

Customised Solutions

We understand that every solar system is unique, which is why we offer custom maintenance packages for both residential and commercial clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should My Solar System Be Serviced?

For optimal performance and safety, we recommend a comprehensive service at least once every two years. However, if you notice any irregularities such as decreased energy output or inverter error messages, immediate inspection is advised.

Our standard service package includes a full audit of your system, performance tests, electrical component inspections, panel cleaning, and a detailed written report. We also assess the age and output of your system to ensure it meets your energy needs.

Absolutely. Our team is equipped to service and maintain solar systems regardless of the original installer.

Common signs include a decrease in energy output, physical damage to panels, or inverter error messages. Regular monitoring can help you catch these issues before they escalate.

Yes, we provide emergency repair services to get your system back to optimal performance as quickly as possible. A call-out fee applies.

We assist you through the entire warranty claim process, liaising with manufacturers and ensuring you get the support you need.


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Ensuring safety is our top priority.

At EOC Energy, safety is paramount. We rigorously follow strict safety protocols and industry best practices to protect our team, clients, and the environment, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to delivering secure and responsible energy solutions.

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