AMPOL Hillside Solar PV & EV Charging Project

AMPOL Hillside Solar PV & EV Charging Installation

Electricians On Call successfully executed a comprehensive solar PV and EV charging project at the AMPOL Petrol Station in Hillside, Victoria, in partnership with Yurika, a division of Energy Queensland.

Client's Challenge

Yurika, part of Energy Queensland, sought to enhance the energy efficiency and sustainability of the AMPOL Hillside location.

The project required a multifaceted approach, including the installation of solar panels, EV charging stations, and various electrical upgrades, all while ensuring minimal disruption to the station’s operations.

The EOC Energy Solution

Electricians On Call adopted a collaborative and meticulously planned approach to meet the project’s diverse needs.

Key project elements included:

  • 31.28kW Solar PV grid connect system installation.
  • Ampol AmpCharge EV Charging station setup.
  • New Main Switchboard and Generator installation.
  • Temporary power setup during the shutdown.
  • Comprehensive electrical upgrades and underground cabling.
  • Installation of support systems like Unistrut, cable tray, and conduit.
  • Coordination with supply authority and integration with civil teams.

Results & Impact

The project was completed with high compliance and quality standards, enhancing the station’s energy efficiency and service capability.

Managing a shutdown with minimal impact on station operations and customer convenience was a significant challenge, successfully navigated through strategic planning and temporary power solutions.


Electricians On Call’s expertise in handling complex, multi-faceted projects was evident in the successful completion of the AMPOL Hillside project, reinforcing their position as a trusted partner in sustainable energy solutions.

Hillside, Victoria

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