Battery Storage in Melbourne


Reduce your reliance on the grid and maximise the energy from your solar panels by capturing the excess electricity that would normally be sent to the grid and store it for later use instead.

With a battery storage system, only once your solar system is unable to produce energy and your battery storage is empty will you draw any electricity from the grid.

There are many factors to be considered when designing a system that includes battery storage. Working through your specific electricity needs, in combination with your solar system’s energy production potential, we will help you choose the best battery storage system and calculate your potential savings as part of our analysis.

We are CEC accredited to design and install both grid-connected and battery connected systems. It is vital that you speak to a battery storage specialist before deciding which battery solution is right for you. Not all batteries provide security from power outages and there are many variables between makes regarding their life-span, kWh, depth of discharge, and warranty conditions.

To find out exactly how much more you can save on your energy bill with a battery storage system, get in touch to book a complimentary consultation today.


1. Smart, Secure Investment:
With quality products and an experienced, accredited team, solar energy is a secure long-term investment that actually grows in value, saving you more money as energy retail prices continue to rise.

2. Accessible & Affordable:
The Small and Large Scale Certificates (STCs & LGCs), Solar Homes Rebate, VEECs and green loans all make solar systems extremely affordable and immediately accessible for home and business.

3. Boosted Savings:
Boost the savings impact of your solar system by engaging in an energy audit throughout your home. Solar consumption monitoring, energy-efficient lighting, smart appliance updates, home automation tools and more compound ongoing value.