As a leading provider of solar power throughout Melbourne’s west, EOC Energy helps families to achieve freedom from the energy grid in ways that are designed to make a significant difference to their lives.

Not only does this include incredible reductions in your monthly energy bill, but residential solar systems also add value to your home, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and build a brighter financial future for your family.

We know that everyone’s energy needs are different, which is why we will work with you to analyse your energy usage, roof structure, home orientation, switchboard and location. This ensures the design of a tailored solar system that will maximise your return on investment by ensuring that every kW of energy that can be generated is, and your quality components will continue to perform as expected for at least 25 years.

Whether you’ve been looking into solar for a while, or just starting out on your journey, get in touch to speak with us about the economic and social impact of becoming your own energy provider. With over 30 years combined, hands-on experience our Clean Energy Council accredited team provides an outstanding level of support and guidance throughout the process of designing and installing solar.

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1. Smart, Secure Investment:
With quality products and an experienced, accredited team, solar energy is a secure long-term investment that actually grows in value, saving you more money as energy retail prices continue to rise.

2. Accessible & Affordable:
The Small and Large Scale Certificates (STCs & LGCs), Solar Homes Rebate, VEECs and green loans all make solar systems extremely affordable and immediately accessible for home and business.

3. Boosted Savings:
Boost the savings impact of your solar system by engaging in an energy audit throughout your home. Solar consumption monitoring, energy-efficient lighting, smart appliance updates, home automation tools and more compound ongoing value.