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Many businesses have been forced into a vice from daytime operating costs because energy bills have the power to take such a huge bite out of your bottom line.

We have seen energy savings of up to 70% for some business owners and the powerful thing about solar is this saving is then replicated every year for the 25+ year lifespan of your system. In addition to the significant government rebates that can save up to 50% - 60% off the cost of a solar system for businesses, the Australian Government’s $150,000 instant asset tax write off provides even further support by enabling you to offset the cost against your income.

The move to renewable energy is an inevitable shift that 100% of businesses will eventually need to make, with public and government pressure continuing to strengthen on this point each year. For each year business owners wait to make the switch, the more at risk they are of being subject to tighter controls for non-compliance, along with the tens of thousands of dollars in lost savings every year.

Our experienced and highly efficient team led by company director, CEC accredited solar installer and licenced electrician Mark Zelensky, is our no-nonsense commercial solar systems specialist who will provide the significant level of support and guidance that is required to ensure a high performing solar system with very clearly defined long-term returns on investment.

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1. Smart, Secure Investment:
With quality products and an experienced, accredited team, solar energy is a secure long-term investment that actually grows in value, saving you more money as energy retail prices continue to rise.

2. Accessible & Affordable:
The Small and Large Scale Certificates (STCs & LGCs), Solar Homes Rebate, VEECs and green loans all make solar systems extremely affordable and immediately accessible for home and business.

3. Boosted Savings:
Boost the savings impact of your solar system by engaging in an energy audit throughout your home. Solar consumption monitoring, energy-efficient lighting, smart appliance updates, home automation tools and more compound ongoing value.