4 Reasons To Get Battery Storage For Your Solar Power System

When considering purchasing a solar battery for either a residential or commercial property solar power system, an important aspect to consider is whether you want a grid-connected system or one with battery storage. While the battery storage option comes with a significant financial investment it certainly has its benefits to balance it out. By installing a battery storage system, you can increase the overall efficacy and convenience of your solar panel system.

24/7 Solar Power

A major limitation of solar power is that it is totally dependent on a critical factor beyond human control; sunlight. The efficiency of your solar panels is greatly reduced if the sky is overcast and at night time, the efficacy is minimal due to no direct light exposure. Traditionally, you would have to draw power from the grid and you’re back to square one. Considering that you are away from home during the daytime, going about your daily activities, you are not utilizing the full potential of your solar power system. A solar battery storage system is a viable solution to this problem. The solar panels charge the batteries and when the batteries are fully charged, the excess power is directed towards the grid. This means that you have access to your solar power even during the night and cloudy days. Batteries basically give you access to solar power on-demand 24/7.

Independence and Security.

For many people, one of the expectations from a solar power system is ending their reliance on the grid. If you have a home or business in an area prone to grid breakdowns, a solar power battery storage system can save you a lot of hassle and headaches that come with poor grid management. An off-grid system with a battery storage option can put an end to your reliance on grid power and make you independent and secure in terms of electric power for your business or home.

Huge Savings

Electricity utility bills are a major expenditure for businesses and homes alike. A battery-equipped solar power system can mean a lot in terms of saving on utility bills. Primarily, you are using little to no power from the grid. Secondly, the excess power generated after the batteries are fully charged during the day is fed back to your grid. In most of Australia, you can basically sell this excess power to the power company, resulting in huge savings. On average, you can save upwards of $300 per year per kilowatt of solar electricity that you produce.

Save the environment

In these modern times, global warming and the deterioration of the environment is becoming a serious problem. We need to take more accountability as individuals and take steps towards the betterment of the environment. Switching to renewable energy sources like solar power can assist in this endeavour. Conventionally, most of the power we use from the grid is generated in fossil fuel-powered plants which is doing a lot of damage to the environment. With a battery-backed solar power system you can minimize or even end your dependence on electricity produced from fossil fuels thus, offsetting the carbon footprint of your home or business, paving a way for a cleaner and greener lifestyle.