Why Our Quality Team is The Perfect Choice For Your Solar Installation


We’ve handpicked the perfect team so we can ensure you the perfect installation. AT EOC Energy we don’t want your solar installation to be left in the hands of a company that doesn’t keep its promises or delivers a poor installation. Instead, when you choose us as your provider you’re taken care of by our in-house team from start to finish, we don’t pass the buck between a provider and the installer. Plus we’re CEC Accredited installers, we know the exact rules set by Australian law and how they govern the solar industry. It’s our duty to uphold the regulations that are imposed by the CEC as they have strict rules set for solar operators from marketing to providing support to clients, and we’re proud to follow these standards so you’ll never be left high and dry. To learn more, download our eBook ~ https://go.rt-d.com/eoc-energy-ebook